who we are

Fieldworks Collaborative was founded in 2012 by artists/researchers Trena Noval and Ann Wettrich to invent new approaches to creative inquiry and collaborative systems that explore the world we live in.

Our Thinking

Informed by place, we are interested in mining the intersections of nature and culture that stimulate curiosity through creating inclusive, multidimensional experiences. Our working methods are inspired by arts and design based research practices, and relational actions that take place in the public realm, interrupt traditional structures and invite collaborative constructions of knowledge.

Collaborators and Partners

Conceptual Design and Technical Advisers - John Roloff, James Gouldthorpe

Collaborating Artists - Shelia Balter, Kija Lucas, Mary Rowell

Historical and Naturalist Advisers - Donna Guldimann, Ann Northrup, Hugh and Kathleen Roberts

Fabrication and Support Advisers: Bernie Lubell, Robert Miller

Land Research Group (Book Club): Sukey Bryan, Carol Mancke, Mary Muszynski, Genine Lintine